More About Me

Sales Associate

Kyle Stewart strives to provide exceptional service to each and every one of his real estate clients. His life history and experience make him uniquely qualified to meet this goal. Kyle was born and raised in South County, with family roots dating back over 100 years. Kyles great-grandfather immigrated to South County from Ireland, taking work as a caretaker for one of the local estates. Future generations bought and sold homes and farmland, worked the land, and contributed much to the South County we know today. This knowledge and experience has been passed down to Kyle. He understands and appreciates the beauty and history of our area like few others. He has first-hand knowledge and experience gleaned from a lifetime spent in our community. He attended local schools, and subsequently graduated from the University of Rhode Island. Since college Kyle has worked in corporate management, property acquisition and development, retail, and customer service. Kyles's extensive background has provided him with invaluable insights and experience that will serve his clients well. When you hire Kyle, expect performance! He'll work diligently with you to assure that you successfully achieve your goals. Kyle is a thorough, tireless, and enthusiastic worker that will provide you with efficient, professional guidance and representation. When you want the best, get in touch with Kyle Stewart you'll be glad you did.